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Hackamores are a good way to control your horse without a bit .

There are various reasons to use a hackamore. One of our customers had his horse bitten by another horse, which required stiches on her mouth. So instead of using a bit, he was still able to ride using a hackamore.

A hackamore has a special type of noseband that works on pressure points on the face, nose, and chin. Like a bit, a hackamore can be gentle or harsh, depending on the hands of the rider. It is a myth that a bit is cruel and a hackamore is gentler.

If you have any questions on which hackamore is best, give us a call.

60-A Aluminum Hackamore
54-O Stainless Hackamore

Quick Stop Hackamore
QQS - Quick Stop Hackamore

Loose Jaw Spanish Spade
99 - Loose Jaw Spanish Spade

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